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November 09 2014

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November 07 2014

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"We were on location for four or five weeks in Newcastle and I was away from home for the first time; I’d never been away from my family for that long. I used to hang out with a lot of the other girls in those early days, or Rupert and I would hang out in the evenings.”

— Emma Watson about her time on set of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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November 06 2014

Being in social situations when your anxiety is really bad.

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November 05 2014

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I’m really sorry for him. All of what he believed in is gone. It’s just like somebody pulled the rug away under his feet, he totally lost his balance. But at least you’re able to see what he had to go through in his childhood and so one is inevitably touched. Draco was bullied and one understands better why he let out so much of his frustration in Hogwarts. Even if he tries to get away from the bad influence of his parents, he can’t escape the surroundings in which he grew up. 

—  Tom Felton
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November 04 2014

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November 03 2014

November 02 2014

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